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That was one of my minor quibbles is that it took only a few minutes to get from Earth to Quo nos (ITS SPELT WITH A Q DAMMIT !!!!) but the then its not really a sin confined to JJ Abraham's is it?

Im ok with the magic blood due to augment treatment being used to transform Bashir from retard into Genius. So it has already been kinda established.

As for the Vengeance only having a crew of one it was started that if NESSARY it could be crewed by one not that one was the optimal number of crew.

Transwarp beaming? against if I remember correctly section 31 had this tec in DS9 to get agents on and off stations.
It could be argued that this tec was considered a huge security risk and as such suppressed in case it fell into the hands of the Klingons or Romulans. It could also be risky too hence why its not widely adopted.
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