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Re: Ideas for episodes

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Yeah, as preachy as Janeway got during Equinox... I could actually see her doing the exact same thing as Ransom did in his shoes.
I love Janeway, but Equinox was the only episode in which I think she actually seemed to have gone temporarily bonkers. She had a psycho look in her eyes the whole time.

That said, Janeway offered to save him at the end, but he chose to go down with his ship. She did offer to try and beam him out in time. The other 99% of the episode she wanted to strip him of his uniform, stuff him, and hang him in her ready room as a wall decoration.
"I'm going to have you executed in a slow and painful fashion if you don't tell me where your captain is so I can hunt him down and kill him because he's a disgrace to humanity!"

Yeah... she was nuts that episode. But given how irrational she was behaving in Year of Hell when her ship was damaged heavily, I could see her doing exactly what Ransom did if Voyager was heavily damaged and the space slugs were dropped on her doorstep. But evil Doctor is fun stuff.
It was fun for a little bit, but overall I don't like the Doctor being evil!!!! D:

I don't think her Equinox behavior and Year of Hell behavior is too comparable though. In Year of Hell, I was rooting for her the whole time and thought she was doing the best she could under the circumstances (and she did fix the temporal damage). In Equinox, albeit I love her and I love the episode, I wanted to scream CHILL OUT at her through my TV. It was one of the few times I sided with Chakotay over her.
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