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One day removed from having seen it, I can honestly say that the only complaints I can come away with are these:

1) Michael Giacchino is no James Horner. Only his main "Star Trek" theme is memorable (that and the original "Star Trek" theme that plays at the end credits). Additionally, what Horner was able to do with his scores for The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock was to present them as an additional character in the story. When no dialogue was being spoken, the music would augment (ha ha) the emotions the characters were feeling. In the "homage scene" for example, Giacchino provides NO music. At all.

2) The new-ish look for the Klingons. The helmets look like something that belongs on a Predator, and once said helmets are removed, every Klingon depicted looks indistinguishable from the next. That's fine for something like the Jem'Hadar, but not the Klingons. That was what was so great about the Klingon look from TMP to Enterprise, that no one Klingon looked exactly like another. Here, I wouldn't be able to tell Kang from Koloth. Perhaps Star Trek 3 will prove otherwise.

That being said, it was the most fun I'd had with a Star Trek movie at the theater (I've only been able to see them on the big screen since The Final Frontier). It's also my second favorite Trek film overall, bested by only The Wrath of Khan. Cumberbatch was excellent, as was Peter Weller... who hasn't been in this good a movie since playing the titular role in the first RoboCop. The main cast has really grown into their respective roles, even Simon Pegg (who underwhelmed me in '09) as Scotty. Zachary Quinto has been great as both a distinguishably different and yet familiar Spock. I look forward to hopefully seeing Alice Eve as Carol Marcus one more time in Star Trek 3!

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