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Re: My "theory" of Star Trek time travel

Well I can't see the pictures anymore. That's odd, since they're on my own website. Anyway, the links are in post #3 above.

The first is the one with only the most important changes but more detail, and the second is almost all time-travel events but simpler in design.

And here's the "timelines" I constructed from it:

A) First Timeline
1992: The third world war. 37 Million people die.
1996: Khan and his followers are exiled into space on board the Botany Bay.
2061: Zephram Cochrane demonstrates the warp drive.
2123: The first interstellar vessel named Enterprise (XCV 330) is launched, using an annular warp drive based on those of the Vulcans.
2138: Establishment of Starfleet.
2156: Romulan war.
2161: Establishment of the United Federation of Planets between the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites.
2218: First contact with the Klingons.
2223: First Federation-Klingon war.
2245: Launch of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, under Robert April.
2254: Discovery of Talos 4 by the Enterprise.
2264: James Kirk begins his historic five-year mission with the Enterprise.
2268: Time-travelling James Kirk encounters Gary Seven on 20th century Earth. Seven manages to prevent a nuclear incident.

B) Second timeline

NOTE: Gary Seven's involvement, though he himself did not come from the future, is done with knowledge of the future. Therefore the change to the cold war may have had a profound effect on the coming third world war. Of course, Khan still appears in ST2 and speak of the 20th century. He also mentions 200 years, though, and we already know that the supermen were put in stasis on at least one other occasion, so his dictatorship may have been pushed back. In fact Kirk's mention of 15 years in 2285 puts "Space Seed" three years later than originally intended.

1968: Gary Seven, a human agent trained by unknown aliens, prevents an accident that would lead to nuclear war.
2053: Earth recovers from the third world war. 600 million people died in that conflict.
2271: Return of Voyager 6 as V'Ger.
NOTE: This doesn't quite add up. If Seven's involvement is meant to correct the
timeline and make it fit with real world history, then Voyager 6's launch would have
to be removed. Unfortunately TMP occurs _after_ Assignment: Earth, but before STIV.
2285: The Genesis incident.
2293: The Khitomer Conference establishes peace with the Klingons as the Federation
agrees to shelter millions of Klingon refugees on its outlying colonies.
2311: The Tomed incident leads to the treaty of Algeron with the Romulans.
2337: First contact with the Cardassians.
2341: The Klingon-Cardassian war begins. It will last 18 years.
2344: The Enterprise NCC-1701-C rescues a Klingon outpost at Narendra III, leading to an
alliance with the Klingons. This is the only contact with the Romulans between
2311 and 2364.
NOTE: The Enterprise-C's travel to the future did not create a new timeline, but
its return to its proper time did. However, since there are no known events in this
new timeline, it does not have its own entry here.
2363: The Enterprise NCC-1701-D is launched under the command of Jean-Luc Picard.
2367: Battle of Wolf 359.
2370: First contact with the Dominion.
2371: The starship Voyager is lost in the Delta Quadrant.
2373: The Dominion War begins when the Cardassians sign an agreement with them.
The Borg attempt to change Earth's past by preventing first contact with
the Vulcans but fail.

C) Third Timeline

NOTE: Borg incursion into this period, known to Cochrane, makes humanity more cautious and the Vulcans more protective, delaying the creation of Starfleet. It may also affect the design of NX-01 and the technologies available in the 22nd century, though it may average out by the 24th, canceled by surrounding, unaffected events.

2063: Zephram Cochrane demonstrates the warp drive. The event attracts the attention of
the Vulcans and leads to first contact with an alien species.
2151: Travels of the EAS Enterprise, NX-01, the first starship to bear the name.
First contact with the Klingons following Suliban interference.
NOTE: The Temporal Cold War that affects the sequence of events at this point comes
from the future, so we include it in this timeline rather than in its own, because
we don't need seperate timelines to follow the narrative.
2154: End of the temporal cold war with the Suliban and their mysterious future
benefactors (Sphere Builders ?).
2379: The Remans under the clone Shinzon attempt to overthrow the Romulan Star Empire.
2387: The Hobus supernova threatens Romulus. Spock halts the advance of the disaster using
red matter but fails to do so before Romulus is destroyed. The Romulan Nero attacks,
and both craft are caught in the resulting black hole and are thrown into the past.

D) Fourth Timeline

NOTE: We assume that the later date for the construction of the Enterprise is somehow due to Nero's intervention. It has been suggested that this is due to scans made by the Kelvin of Nero's ship, allowing Starfleet to reverse-engineer some 24th century technology and integrate it into NCC-1701's construction. With the Kelvin's proximity to the Klingon border, other issues may have come into play, such as a ill-fated rescue operation to recover the shuttles or a confrontation with the Klingons. Perhaps the events of First Contact and Enterprise also had an influence on the ship's size and design. The comic Countdown to Darkness adds that another 1701 existed, captained by Robert April, and that it was decomissioned in favour of a new design.

2233: Nero emerges from the future and destroys the USS Kelvin. James Kirk is born when
the shuttle carrying his mother narrowly escapes Nero's attack.
2258: Destruction of Vulcan by the vengeful Nero.
Launch of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, under James T Kirk.
2259: Khan, awakened by a zealous Admiral Marcus to help in bringing about conflict with the Klingons, is hunted down and captured by the Enterprise after bombing London on Earth, but not before Marcus can attempt to destroy Kirk's ship to hide his own involvement.

Sorry for the formatting.

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