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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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But how has this attitude stood through the test of time? Well for me personally, it doesn't age well. Killing Kirk was silly (or at least the way they did it). Thinking that we were tired of the Ent-D was wrong; we had seven years invested in that lovingly-designed ship, just so it could be replaced by some soulless John Eaves product (John, I think you're a nice guy and all, but your designs all tend to look the same...)
I think Generations showed that 1701-D looked fabulous on the big screen. It's just a damn shame.

For what it's worth:

Generations was a fine idea but poorly executed, First Contact was a good sci-fi action movie but it didn't feel like Star Trek and it had plot holes the size of that temporal anomaly, Insurrection was fine by me, and Nemesis was, again, a fine idea but poorly executed. Tom Hardy has great in the role but I would've prefered if Stewart had played both Picard and Shinzon.
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