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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Yeah. TV Ramsay's penchant for psychological games just doesn't ring true to the setting and the character background, where brutality is less nuanced. Someone like Qyburn might toy with his victims, but I don't see where Ramsay would get that kind of twisted intellectual curiosity.

The Ramsay in the books used fear of torture and his father's position to do as he pleased.

There was some cleverness to him, but he lacked restraint and did not exhibit much forethought.

He seemed clueless as to how his actions were undermining the family's position. The Northern Lords probably never loved Roose before he was made paramount lord in the North, but knowing his heir was a pyschopath that hunts women with dogs probably spurred many of them to look for ways undercut the Boltons (loyalty to House Stark aside).

Ramsay was already infamous for starving Lady Hornwood to death, and his penchant for hunting women for sport seemed to be known.

The show seems to be styling Ramsay like Roose. Roose is brutal and smart. Ramsay (in the books) was brutish and lacked the mental faculties to rule effectively.
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