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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

I like Kekelli's performance in GOT a lot. She's the only reason the transformation of the character into yet another "strong woman" doesn't annoy me.

Moving a discussion that's getting a bit spoilery out of an episode thread:
I believe that he was offered the chance to write the penultimate episode of this season but said that once was enough to have to write one particular scene - you can probably guess what.
That wouldn't surprise me. Apparently he found writing the Red Wedding in the books so unpleasant that he did all of the rest of A Storm of Swords first, then finally doubled back to do those key chapters.

Even if he didn't want episode nine, though, he could have done something more meaningful than "The Bear and the Maiden Fair." "And Now His Watch is Ended," for example, although Benioff and Weiss did a fine job on that one by themselves.
I know that this is an adaptation and that this character doesn't have to be exactly like Ramsay in the books (any more than, say, Locke has to be like Vargo Hoat). But the Ramsay of the books was a psychotic sadist who would simply have walked in and chopped off Theon's cock. I don't see him going to all the trouble of getting whores and giving them a script to go in and follow.

Indeed, the Ramsay of the books would probably have found it impossible to resist setting his dogs on the whores and then raped and killed them himself, long before he could persuade them to go in and mock-seduce Theon.
Yeah. TV Ramsay's penchant for psychological games just doesn't ring true to the setting and the character background, where brutality is less nuanced. Someone like Qyburn might toy with his victims, but I don't see where Ramsay would get that kind of twisted intellectual curiosity.
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