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Re: Recasting Voyager with actors from today

Kathryn Janeway - Devika Parikh
She's got a commanding look about her, similar glint.

Chakotay - Benjamin Bratt

Tuvok - Don Cheadle
He's kind of hilarious without trying too hard.

Tom Paris - Can we just write him out? Or Improve it by replacing him with John Hawkes.

B'Elanna Torres - Angela Bassett...

Harry Kim - Hyun Bin? Lee Min Ho, probably too tall.

EMH - Tommy Lee Jones, serious and humorous!

Neelix - William H. Macy maybe.

Kes - Bethany Joy Lenz would really add something to this role.

Seven of Nine - Summer Glau
If there is one things she could play supremely, it's robot/human.

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