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And please bring back the optimism of old trek, Fans all of a sudden say that notion is quaint, I say that notion is what kept Trek Going for 50 years, and it is needed as much today, if not more, than it was needed 50 years ago.
I would say it's needed more. The world has been so dark and ugly since 2001. Sometimes its difficult to imagine how we'll ever get to the world of Star Trek. And now some Hollywood thinks its best to bring the people of the Star Trek universe down to our level.
How exactly have they been brought down to our level? I didn't see people concerned with Kirk stooping to our level in episodes like Arena, Devil in the Dark, The Conscious of the King and Obsession. We watched him struggle with his darker impulses and come out better for it, just like we're watching this version of the character due the same.
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