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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

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Silence will fall when the Question is asked. Well, the Question was asked. What exactly was supposed to happen? Why was Madame Kovarian so crabby?
Well, we've seen what was supposed to happen, haven't we? Billions of people dead, history rewriting itself. The Silents were just trying to prevent all that from happening, they were the good guys! Hell, I'm sure one of them works with Madame Vastra and we've just forgotten about him!

Also, it must be said that the short scene in which the Doctor was crying was heartbreaking and very well acted.
Very much agreed

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If Clara hadn't intervened this would have been the Fall of the 11th Doctor. The Silence didn't want the Doctor to live to open the door and let the GH undo all of the Doctor's victories and leave the Universe in ruin. It was better to kill him early than to have his previous battles undone.
I get that. I guess I just figured that the Silence would actually be there. If all else fails, Trenzalore would be their one last chance to stop him.
Why would they be there? Their agent killed the Doctor by Lake Silencio
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