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Re: Earth: Final Conflict (beware spoiler)

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So, after much struggling, I finally managed to finish the series.

Funnily enough, I actually enjoyed Season 5.
Am I the only one?
Probably the only one who will admit to liking it

I found some stuff to like about it, and it was a fantastic Bold idea to go from the Frying pan (Taelons and Jiridians both as antagonists) into the fire (The combined Race even worse then the two seperate races) but, the budget sadly let it down. Only Rene and Geek girl and Sandoval as the main cast (Sandoval being the only one still around from S1). It kinda turned into a Xena/Gabrielle show in S5, and in my opinion the execution left a lot to be desired. I think the firsst 4 seasons were pretty solid for the most part, though
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