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Everybody is so quick to Dismiss Star Trek V, but I would go back and watch that before watching into Darkness. At Least in Trek V they got the Trio of Kirk, Spock and Mccoy Right.
One of the only things that Shatner got right.

There was still too much insistance on Humor and especially Scotty suffered in the film by using his as Comic Relief
Scotty bumping his head was absolutely hilarious in the ST V trailer, but less so in the context of the whole movie. We got to see the trailer for the first time at a marathon cinema screening of ST: TMP/ST II/ST III/ST IV. We laughed like drains.

In retrospect, though, with ST IV, we had laughed with the characters. In ST V, we laughed at them. (I well remember squirming in my seat on opening night of ST V.)

fans bitched about that then and now are alright that Simon Pegg's Scotty is suffering the same fate.
There is a difference. Simon Pegg is an amazing comedy actor. I think I first got to know his work in "Paul". James Doohan was great in his own way, but ST V? Bleh.
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