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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

Faria wrote:
I'd like tp see a reboot of star trek like the reboot of BSG:

-no alien
-no superweapons
-no magic technology (transponder,replicator,universal translator)
-no particle of the week
-with more internal coherence
-no time travel

and you?
It just isn't Star Trek without those things, what would be the point? Even the shows that strayed farthest from what TOS was featured all those tropes.
Faria wrote:
ýmy idea is to set star trek thousands of years in the feature:

earth colonies many world, then there were wars for the independence of the colonies, a space middle age, with lost of technology and knowledge. The eart will be discriminate for its past of oppression and submit to occupation by one or more of indipendent colonies.

I begin a serie here: the colonie/colonies which occupy earth allow to earth people to explore the space, but gradually, and finally with a long rage exploration ship. It'll be a rebbot of Star trek enterprise.
That's a great idea for an original setting, I think it would be hampered by shoehorning it into Star Trek.
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