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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I'm not sure why people are assuming that an object at warp speed has a lot of kinetic energy.
Now that you mention it, ships at warp aren't actually moving in space. Space is moving around them (making Scotty's comment about transwarp beaming in the first movie patently ridiculous.)

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Any number of temporal incursions could have happened after all the events of pre-2009 Trek and before Spock Prime went back in time, in order to set up any differences that might exist in the Kelvin era versus what existed in the pre-Pike era of the original The Cage.
In fact, I always take Enterprise's NX-01 to be a result of Cochrane's exposure to 24th century time travelers, borg and 1701-E. In this respect it's quite possible that the Kelvin is simply another result of that.
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