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USS Titan: Boldly Going

Location: The Triangle, an Area where Klingon, Romulan and Federation Space Meet.

Year: 2290, right before Star Trek VI

The Ship: The USS Titan, Constitution Class Refit, NCC-2387.

What's missing?


We recently opened many positions up and are available to be filled by you. We are not a typical Gung-ho simm where all we do is shoot up the place, although we do see our fair share of action we are more of a character driven simm that is looking for quality players of any experience level, whether this is your first simm, or if you are a seasoned pro, the Titan is for you and have the folowing Senior Staff Vacancies:

Chief Helm Officer
Chief Navigator
Chief of Strategic Operations
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Science Officer
Marine Detachment CO
Chief Infiltration Team Specialist and
Chief Diplomatic Officer.

Also if you chose to go the enlisted route, the Chief of The Boat spot is open where you are the senior most enlisted person on the ship. Or if you want, you can try a civilian role as the Bartender, Chef or even as the Federation News Service Reporter.

So if you are sitting here reading this, I have one question for you, WHY ARENT YOU SIGNING UP RIGHT NOW?!

I have the answer though, you havent been given the link, and here it is USS Titan So if you are ready to Boldly Go, join the Titan Today!
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