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Everybody is so quick to Dismiss Star Trek V, but I would go back and watch that before watching into Darkness. At Least in Trek V they got the Trio of Kirk, Spock and Mccoy Right. The Feeling of Family was right on in that film.
See, that's the point at which I felt like they had turned ALL the characters into caricatures. Since STIV, we were no longer invited to laugh with the characters, we were now being encouraged to laugh at the characters. It was if they had discovered THIS is how to make Star Trek relevant to the general public -- make a joke of it. By this time, Kirk had just turned into TJ Hooker in space with his climbing and space jumping and horse riding, McCoy's jokes had fallen flat, Uhura was doing naked fan dances and Scotty was cracking his forehead on his own ship. And since Spock's lobotomy in STIII, he just never got his personality back.

Anyway, to each his own.

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