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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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There are debates raging about Khan's blood or why they couldn't use another person in one of the canisters to save Kirk...
Roberto Orci's explanation over on TrekMovie is the same one I pretty much intuited: that McCoy only knew for sure that Khan's blood had the regenerative power, and had no basis to assume that the others' would as well. I mean, since they are genetically engineered, it's possible that they could have various different genetic enhancements rather than all being the same. McCoy would've been a pretty inept scientist to speculate beyond the evidence like that.

why was Admiral Marcus so open about Section 31...
He intended to sacrifice Kirk to the Klingons to start a war, so he probably didn't expect Kirk to survive to pass on the information anyway.

was it or was it not Praxis
Easy enough to surmise that the Klingons accelerated their fleet building and energy production in response to the Narada's attack (one or both), leading Praxis to blow up sooner.

Carol Marcus's British accent, etc.
The easiest of all to explain: She was just raised in England in this timeline. Orci has confirmed that as well (specifically, she was raised in London).

I wish some of this stuff had been explained or explained more thoroughly in the film and not left up for people to speculate.
But to new viewers, these details wouldn't have meant anything. New or casual viewers wouldn't have had any reason to be puzzled about Section 31 not being more secret or a Klingon moon being shattered in 2259. It would've been a distraction from the story to stop and say "Hey, Trek fans, here's why this is different from what it was before."

Sure, a daughter having a different accent from her father could seem like something in need of an explanation, but it's pretty easy to deduce just from what we know: the father worked with a secret branch of his organization that had a facility in London, so that probably means he spent much of his career there and raised his daughter there. Children having different accents from their parents because of where they were raised is a common enough phenomenon in real life that it doesn't really require dialogue to explain. (In fact, they actually filmed a scene where Carol explained she was raised in London, but cut it because it was nonessential and got in the way of the pacing.)

But the things I listed above I don't think are nitpicks, I think they are things that distract from the film and the story they are trying to tell. And many of them could've been solved with a bit of dialogue.
Ohh, they're definitely nitpicks. Heck, even I almost missed the glimpse of Praxis, since it was so insignificant to the story, just a bit of space scenery. The only one of the above questions that's more than a trivial detail is the one about Khan's blood. That could've used another line to make it clearer.

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I still would have preferred a person of color or at least a person with darker skin.
Right on the tail of the Boston Marathon bombing? Nah, that would have been box office suicide.
Huh? First off, they didn't know that bombing would happen when they cast the role last year. And second, the suspected bombers were of Chechen and Avar parentage -- Caucasians in the most literal geographical sense, from the region of the Caucasus Mountains. They're as light-skinned as you or I am. Also they're Muslims, and though some people mistakenly think that Sikhism is an offshoot of Islam, it's actually a distinct faith.
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