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Re: Grey Dress Uniforms

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I wish they'd ditch the TOS uniforms. I like the original cast uniforms, and the grey dress unis are the closest thing.
Really? To me the updated TOS Gold/Red/Blue uniforms are perfect.

Which costumes are you referring to when you say the original cast uniforms?
The burgundy from the movies.

I think the gray dress uniforms are a riff on those.
I dont see it myself, theres nothing in the styling which would suggest those uniforms other than them being a smarter looking uniform to the TOS ones. The uniforms in the re-imagined BSG remind me more of the old movie uniforms (them and anytime I see Due South)

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The flightsuits are meant to has transparent bands that simply show the colour of the shirt underneath.
In reality they just stuck a matching shape of coloured material behind the window.
Which didnt make sense when Marcus changed in the shuttle unless she changed out of her dress and into a tunic and trousers before putting on the flightsuit. I would have thought she would have stuck the flightsuit over what she was already wearing.
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