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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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...ah, perhaps thats why the movie felt like a tv episode...
Trek tv writers also produced "First Contact", and while you can argue the merits of the film, it barely felt like a tv episode.
It screams big budget episode at times. In fact all of the Trek movies do, with the except of TMP and Abrams' movies.

Just compared FC to STXI or STXII.
Do you know how much more budget and money Trek XI and XII had than the other films??

Anyway, rewatched "Insurrection" again over the weekend. Last year I made a thread called "Learning to Love Insurrection". Well, I loved it even more this time! In fact, I'm rather happy with all 4 TNG films (perhaps the only person around these parts!). Yes, there were elements that could be better etc, but I enjoy watching them.
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