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I give the movie a C-. I liked STID better than ST09, but to put that in context I absolutely loathed ST09.

Another poster summed it up best, I think, by calling it "a Star Trek-flavored action movie." But it doesn't measure up to the best Star Trek, not by a long shot, nor does it measure up to the best action movies. Regardless of how much money it makes, regardless of whether or not it creates new fans, what this franchise desperately needs in order to work creatively is smarter writing, nothing more and nothing less.
Nailed it, exactly. A Better story with the same cast, effects , and even director would have made a big difference. The problem also is you have to at least respect what has come before, but give us exciting new stories, not retreads. And please bring back the optimism of old trek, Fans all of a sudden say that notion is quaint, I say that notion is what kept Trek Going for 50 years, and it is needed as much today, if not more, than it was needed 50 years ago.
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