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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

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I presume you're talking about Lynda Woodruff? She's a character created by Swedish singer Sarah Dawn Finer (the one who sang the ABBA cover later in the show).

The original sketch with her is from Melodifestivalen 2012, and that made fun of Azerbaijan hosting and her pretending to be a really dumb Essex girl who was doing things like not being able to pronounce Azer-aza-Aserba.. Baku (that sort of thing). That original sketch was reasonably good, the ones since in other Swedish Eurovision projects have worn the joke a bit thin and have nothing on the original.

The interval act with Petra was great - it's so good to see a host who's actually funny and entertaining, Sweden did really put on a great show.
I thought she was vaguely amusing but when she sang later I thought she was fantastic (of course having a great song helped). If they hadn't said it was the same woman I'd never have guessed.

I liked Denmark's entry, I thought Azerbaijan and Norway were good too, and a few others. Greece was both hilarious and really catchy. on another night that might have got closer to winning.

I liked Iceland's too...although I did just post Thor! on Facebook when he appeared!

I thought Bonnie did ok, the song wasn't brilliant but wasn't terrible either. It wasn't anything good enough to win, I just get annoyed seeing things like Romania's entry do so well.

Also Holland, could she have been any more depressing?

I felt sorry for Ireland too, I thought their entry deserved to end up much higher. Bad placing?

I kept trying to figure out where the optimum position in the running order was. You don't want to be first or last, or in the middle as near as I can tell!
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