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And you know the augments in ENT set about doing that as well. I think they are bred to see non augmented beings as obstacles and useless clutter.
I was under the impression that Power is what Khan wanted in the original timeline.

And... I really don't like using "NuSomething" to describe the new timeline. It's so inelegant.
Yes the Khan of Space Seed certainly wanted power. It is distracting that now he wants to kill everyone but maybe he just intends to kill everyone not useful. So if you're going to make a nice mule in his brave new world of super beings you get to stay. The augments in ENT are lashing out, they're young and their leaders reaction to not getting the power he wants is to kill people.. he was no Khan, but he was barely an adult.

As to the Nu, I think it followed on from the term NuBSG. I think it's cute myself.

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