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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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It's still nudity, albeit lesser nudity than what she did before. And Emilia Clarke is still the better bet. Bianco has a burlesque and cabaret background, has posed nude, and has spoken in defence of the show's nude scenes.

Edit to add: it's rumored that Emilia has a nude scene in tonight's episode. So, who knows? Maybe Oona Chaplin is just full of crap.
and quite a lengthy nude scene showing much more than anything Chaplin has ever done on the show. Perhaps it was Esme Bianco or even Sibel Kekilli since I don't think Shae has shown anything this year even though there were VERY many opportunities for those types of scenes with Tyrion in the books.

I realize both actresses have done significant nudity in the past, but that doesn't really mean anything. In fact maybe Bianco regretted being the postergirl for the show's nudity since she kept being asked about it so much and felt it defined her too much.

So I'm not sure what an actress has done in the past matters once they think they need to get 'away' from it for their careers. Traci Lords was a porn star, but once she went mainstream she did very few movies with nude scenes.
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