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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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There are debates raging about Khan's blood or why they couldn't use another person in one of the canisters to save Kirk, why was Admiral Marcus so open about Section 31, was it or was it not Praxis, Carol Marcus's British accent, etc. I wish some of this stuff had been explained or explained more thoroughly in the film and not left up for people to speculate. Believe me even if it had been explained I'm sure we would've come up with something to nitpick. But the things I listed above I don't think are nitpicks, I think they are things that distract from the film and the story they are trying to tell. And many of them could've been solved with a bit of dialogue.
True, but JJ's stuff all seems to be like that - the first film at first seemed full of plot holes to me but with the exception of a couple of very large coincidences, it does hang together with a bit of thought.

As long as it doesn't ruin the flow of the movie, I just don't think that it matters to the vast majority of the cinema going public...
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