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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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I was talking about RJD's usual shameless self-promoting, but it seems I struck a nerve, eh? Something tells me you don't take criticism very well.
Here's another version of events: you're not shaming anybody. Sorry to tell you. If you don't like RJD's posts - I don't know what you expect the world to do about it? Good luck.

Oh, and - criticism isn't the problem. The lack of criticism is the problem. But if it helps the "younger generation" to draw lines in the sand, feel free. Please excuse me for not learning from the obvious in order to talk about the insidious.

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
Yes, the existence and continued success of Oscar Mayer products inclines me to say yes. Standards have been lowered by the desire for easy to acquire, low price, and ease of consumption. Be it music, food, clothing or most else, the model of business for the consumer has diminished expectations, but its alternative is a model where only a few could afford the good, while the rest had cast off leavings. Overall, quality is improved for the greatest numbers of people, but that's OK. Where hardly in bad times, and the Western world, not even inconvenienced so much as bored by our success.

You bring up some good points, Gov Kodos. I read today where more people are dissatisfied with ill-fitting clothes off the rack, and there is a resurgence of custom clothing design. When you look at the increasing quality of factory production - for example, the cheap replication of handcrafted lace of certain European villages - those long-evolving skills threaten to die out with the older cultures. I have met many people who shrug at that.

They don't know the difference.

They don't know the difference.

That is the problem.

Not that culture "should" be preserved. But that monumental shifts have been occurring in the last few decades that are changing the global economy in ways no one fully understands. (Sorry if this offends the "smart" set).

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