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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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Amusingly, we already have background checks
Except that gun show loophole everybody has been trying to close.

and they can't work much better than the currently do,
Your opinion.

unless you live in the fantasy land where criminals selling guns to each other check each other for a valid ID and then call federal law enforcement for permission to commit a crime (you should push for bank robbery permits).
Why would they go to a criminal, when they could just go to a gun show? And if we can't have a law because criminals will break it, why do we have any laws?

The system fails to respond so often that honest private gun sellers will just assume that the buyer was just being victimized by Obama campaign operatives and go ahead and sell the gun anyway, taking care to pass it through three or four hacked identities to keep everything legal, when their not running background checks on their daughter's new boyfriend's family.
Family and friends were exempt from the expanded background checks that were recently filibustered in the senate.
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