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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Awesome. This slipped to the second page with no reply. I guess I win: LL&P, bee-atches!
Oh sorry...
Why do you ignore the "evidence" from the movie: one of the only times we actually get a quoted length for scale. He jumps from the bridge, across the gap (approx 30m), and slides down the saucer. It doesn't matter how much of the saucer is exposed or whatnot.
I believe Chemahkuu dealt with that. You might also want to refer back to THIS PICTURE.
Oh, and one more point: Scotty sizes up the airlock door on the Vengeance. "About 4 square metres", which puts them at 2.5m across (as I estimated for the ones on the Enterprise).
Comparing an airlock on the Vengeance with an escape pod launcher on the Enterprise (which I'd already proven days ago has an interior hatch far smaller than its outer collar) somehow means something...? When we saw an Enterprise airlock at the start of the film, and it's 2m height matched the exterior windows just as I've been saying all this time? And when you've still had no counter to the first size-establishing diagram I posted?

And when you admitted this yourself in another thread?
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Just got back from seeing the movie. Excellent!... except for the ever-growing ship sizes. But alas, move on.
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