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Re: Favorite Albums Ever...

Hugo Rune wrote: View Post
I have thousands of albums and my top 2-20 will shift and shake depending on mood and current influences.

But the number one has been the same since I first heard it back in 1995. Sure I came to it 7 years late and only after being given the band's latest album, but since that day I have connected with it more than any albums I have listened to since. There are undoubtably better albums in context of musicianship, of lyricism, of influence, yet if I was to die in 60 minutes and I could listen to only one album again it would be this. And then I'd have 46 seconds to collect myself for Death

It is my favourite

Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime

Hugo - Revolution Calling!
I was going to post the exact same thing! Thank you.

It's a fantastic album, my favorite!
See, the problem is that you are using your cards to show me what cards you have, and if you can't see that this is viciously circular, then there is no point in continuing
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