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Re: Could Judgment Day have been averted if Sarah hadn't called Ginger

The Terminator-verse has one timeline that travelers can change. I think the Robocop Vs. Terminator comics did the best job of illustrating how it works. Sarah had a big date the weekend the first machine was sent back. This man was quite probably John's original father. Sarah getting pregnant that weekend is a temporal constant, as is Judgement day and SKYnet's inevitable defeat.

Sarah IS responsible for Terminator 2 however. As it is said SKYnet did have records, terribly incomplete records, but it had them. In TSCC Sarah revealed that she had given John up for adoption the day of her break out, pretty much the only time in her and John's life she showed up on the radar. SKYnet had the governments records and sent the 1000 to that day as a backup.
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