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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

^ Yes, you're right. And you're talking to someone who lived in a collectivist society for a very long time, and who appreciates the significance of individual thought and validity of opinion. Equality of rights, certainly - but not equality of opinion.

I'm not just saying it's bad, or invalid business, or that Kanye has no right to perform. I am saying he would have been kicked in the ass out of my high school music classes, and if people think that's talent, then they are ignorant about musical ability. Of course, stars aren't made of talent alone. I'd say audacity is a far more useful trait.

I do not fault ignorance. I personally am ignorant about a great deal, even in my own field. However, I would go to war against willful ignorance. Willful ignorance is the stuff of inhuman tragedies.

Anyway I just heard 2 songs by him so it's not like I'm summarily judging him. I'm happily proven wrong about such things. He is not the symbol of my argument. It was a glib example to illustrate a larger point - made half in jest - but taken as some sort of ageist attack, so be it, it's really none of my business what people hear or whether they understand what they hear.

I am not saying "The Bounds of Mediocrity are shifting! Waah!"

I am asking, are the bounds of mediocrity shifting?

If the question puts people ill at ease - damn good. I'll take condemnation and caricaturization as encouragement that the question needs to be asked.

Oh, and in addition - some of the issues I grappled with in my experience as an individualist in a collectivist society - raising a child globe-straddling, dealing with the harsh historical realities of collectivistic oppression - are hashed out in satire in my crappy "web comic" - a novel, actually - which will outlive me and inform, I would hope, others beyond my lifespan. Read "Seven in Red" (CH 33). You'll find my take on some issues that could otherwise have gotten my household into very real trouble, were it not couched in satire. I didn't write it for acceptance. I wrote it for myself. And I wrote it - not from crappy daydreams - but from living experience.

But if all people can see is a "crappy web comic" - that is all they need to take from it. Tweet tweet!

Now I'm off to follow the advice of this thread and give equal weight to every Youtube comment I read.

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