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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Bride of chaotica

Awesome, horrible....this episode was all of both. Cheesy, black and white scenes, blood curdling screams, suspense, machoism, horrible 1930's plot lines, you name it...a standard holo deck scene, but with Janeway in a badass (rather than Victorian) dress! All in all, I loved it! ( I am not sure if this is a bad or good thing)....

Paris' holo deck episode gets disturbed by an aliens presence who think his version of Captain Proton and Chaotica is the real part of Voyager, not Voyager itself. To,keep peace with the aliens they have to act out the episode, but with Queen Arachnia crossing Chaotica to save the aliens. The Doctor goes in as the President of Earth (with all the pompousness and more) to convince the aliens to stop firing so Captain Proton could save the day! Janeway goes iN as Queen Arachnia and there Mulgrew puts on the best performance I have seen! Her facial gestures, particularly with her eyes and eyebrow twitches had me laughing in stitches ( yes, I rhymed on purpose, I felt it went appropriately well with the cheesy episode). In the end, Queen Arachnia stops her fake wedding and kills Chaotica....supposedly....the TV recap ends with a question mark.

I loved ever cheesy bit of this episode! The Doctor, albeit his brief appearance and Janeway stole the show with their wonderfully hysterical performances.

Least favorite part: this episode made me stop and I want to go to the next Vegas convention as a Klingon (as planned)...or queen arachnia? Tough decisions... I suppose my hair is more Klingon appropriate, but I love the costume! My husband does not know it yet, but he will be going as Captain Proton!
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