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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

Late as usual, but here I am nonetheless.

I just finished watching it, and I can proudly say I loved this movie. Perhaps this is colored with some degree of bias regarding my prior military service in the USAF, but out of the multiple touching moments in this film one which sticks out to me is the scene of Kirk, Commander of the Enterprise, and Leader of His Crew, facing the loaded guns of his enemy and knowing its curtains for himself and his people.

Its the visual expression of my worst nightmare when I was in the military: the person next to you IS the mission, and to face the no-win scenario not only served as a great thematic call back to Star Trek II, but it crystalizes the military leader's greatest fears.

I also liked the angle of the mad Starfleet Admiral attempting to use Khan for his own ends. Its a great example of the old controversy of the Means Justify the Ends argument. After a traumatic incident like the events of the previous movie, the prospect of losing a war with the Klingons would weigh very heavily on the brass. Its thus quite plausible someone would take things way to far in the name of "national security", an allegory quite appropriate to our current state in America today.
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