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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by morgoth:
I seriously think that any of this script thread ideas from above (people wanting to surrender, etc) are either FAKED or from early drafts soon to be abandoned. ... snip...
Well, you're partially right. The spoilers come from partial scripts called "sides" which are used to audition and hire the guest actors. We used to see them in the Enterprise camp from a source. I even have seen them for the first few episodes of BSG season two, but then my source "dried up". They are parts of the actual filming script as it exists at that given point of time. As with anything, it's still a work in progress and often parts of it are changed just prior to or as they are actually filming. While not everything in the scripts may make it to air intact (rewrites, scenes cut & editing), it's cool to see, learn some spoilers and get a real flavor of what the particular episode is about.

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