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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Another profound episode. A serious episode that did not end with a happy-go-lucky scene. I liked this one.

The doctor is doing physicals for the whole crew when he finds that Kim had a surgery conducted by him. However, the Doc does not remember the surgery. He tries to figure out what is going on, but the Captain dismisses him. He goes back to the sick bay to turn his program off, and sets his "camera" out to take a picture of anyone who enters sickbay. Sneaky, sneaky.

Janeway went in and erased his short term memory. The doctor wants an answer, but Janeway is hesitant to give him one. Only after a conversation with Janeway about the morality if the individual does Janeway decide to tell him. Turns out while on an away mission they were attacked and Kim and another woman were injured, but the doctor only had a moment to save one, not time for both. He chose Kim, and later had a breakdown for choosing his friend. Once he found out what happened he broke down again, but rather than erasing his memories (thanks to Seven) Janeway has someone, usually herself stay with the Doctor non stop on vigil while he works through it.

Problems/least favorite part: one, it is highly unlikely that the woman and Kim were in the exact same shape. As an EMH he should have been able to detect even a slight variance (bllod pressure, pulse, who lost more blood...) in their conditions, making the whole episode null and void.....ignoring this plot flaw.....large flaw....I liked the episode.

Favorite part: I love the Doctor. Picardo is a wonderful actor!
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