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Re: Ant-Man: Info, Pics, Rumors, Casting and Details till release

Alyssa turns 41 in December.

Girl could pass for 25 easy.

Although every one (Who was a (mature) character in the 1960s) in the Avengers (comics) these days are in their early 30s.

Seriously though... In the beginning Janet passed herself off as such an airhead that it's a wonder how Hank saw her as a worthwhile companion, beyond beautiful and rich. Seriously, she bankrolled all his science shit. Hank is a Sciencewhore. He could have sued for sexual discrimination at any point considering how over the line this woman's lecherousness got.

Lecherous is when an ugly person flirts.

Flirting is when a hot person is lecherous.

You know what you've done.
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