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Re: Who would have had to quit their job to look after baby Miral?

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I was always surprised there weren't more babies being born on Voyager. I guess 24th century contraception is fail-proof, but I would think in that timeline at least a few more people would decide to procreate, which would necessitate a 1701-D-style daycare/school eventually.

In the mean time, leave the baby with Samantha. She's had practice, and she's never at work anyway.
In Ds9 we discovered that Humans get a shot every month.

If both the man and the woman forget, or chose not to, they rebecome fertile.

How they phrased it Didn't you get your shot this month? I forgot, what about you? I guess i forgot too... Has me think that this is something they can't do themselves and have to go to a medical professional for the undertaking of.

1 month.

The Killing Game lasted a month.

In the disasterpod/Survival kit they packed for Janeway and Chakotay on the Resolutions planet... What's the rationality behind packing or not packing "contraceptives" if they're going to be alone on that planet together forever?

Surely giving Chakotay a 24th century vasetomy would have saved on space, unless he wanted to make babies with Janeway?
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