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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

It's interesting how moods change week in and week out. I've been watching 2/3rds of BBC America's Supernatural Saturday (Anyone else watch Nerdist because I don't. Is it any good) and it's felt like ever since Orphan Black started, I've much prefered OB to Doctor Who. Well, this week was different in that it was the Doctor Who Season Finale and things had to be resolved. I wasn't sure when I would watch Orphan Black, if I should let the Doctor Who finale just sink in and watch OB a few days later.

Well, I decided to watch OB tonight, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should just move on from Doctor Who. While I enjoyed DW's finale, Orphan Black blew it out of the water in so many ways. The big way was just the tightness of the storytelling. Doctor Who's finale felt rushed and incomplete. Orphan Black is building on it's story and each and every week I feel like I'm being rewarded for watching.

Case in point this week's episode. Holy Crap that was fantastic. If last week widened the spectrum to the whole conspiracy plot, this week tightened it to focus back on the clones and how their lives have been turned upside down because of it. We have Sarah, trying to keep a sense of normalcy, Allison, who in my opinion was the star this week, Helena who still continues to be an outstanding character, and Cosima who I really wish they would make her into more than just a Science geek. It seems like out of all the clones, Cosima is the one being held back a tad. Anyway, this episode felt a lot more focused than last week, but still this season is rocking out.

As for the ending, holy shit. I did not see that coming, but man what a cliffhanger to next week. You think maybe they might end the show quietly, and then that happens. Not only that, but the scene (And I don't want to spoil it because it's too good not to be seen) leading up to the end just added a new layer to this canvas that is turning into the Best show on TV, or at least the best show I'm watching. I'm glad Doctor Who is done for now. That season was decent, Orphan Black is better.
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