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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

The year is 2395.

The Federation is being torn apart by war, it is on the verge of collapse and we risk losing everything that we all hold dear.

The Romulan Empire was nearly decimated by the explosion of their sun which lead to the destruction of Romulus. The Federation was severely crippled from the battles fought in the Dominion War, additionally when they lost Deep Space Nine to the Dominion, which was later destroyed, to prevent Captain Sisko from retaking it. As well as the last Borg invasion at sector 001, where the USS Enterprise - E was lost with all hands back in the late twenty first century as they scarified the ship and their lives to save the Earth and to protect the Federation.

During this time, the Klingons seized upon the 'glorious' opportunity and turned on their former allies to fight for the dominance of the Alpha Quadrant as they had always dreamed of, but could never achieve before. The badly crippled Romulan Empire is unable to defend themselves against the Klingon onslaught and Starfleet is being forced back to defend it's core worlds, but is slowly being ripped apart by the brutal Klingon advance.

​From the ashes of what remains of Starfleet, the phoenix has risen again. Atlantis Fleet has born in the Federation's greatest hour of need.

Atlantis Fleet is Starfleet's last defense force and symbolizes the last chance humanity has left. Charged with the defense of what is left of the neutral zones and the Federation core world's, this Fleet's mission is no easy task, it has been given some of the most powerful ships remaining within Starfleet to help defend the Federation.

The USS Blackwater is one of those ships, a brand new Prometheus Class Starship tasked with winning the war. Engineer's at Starfleet headquarters have outfitted her with the best technologies and weapons available, along with a new system to allow the ship to win any battle.

The new Multi Vector Assault Mode, or MVAM, separates the Blackwater into three sections which are designed to function individually or as part of a team. Each segment is armed to the max to ensure victory every time.

Under the command of Captain Zach Martin, the crew of the Blackwater's will complete it's mission, a simple mission that is shared by every remaining Starfleet ship and Officer. Protect the Federation at all costs, win the war and save as many worlds as possible.

Atlantis Fleet is the last hope for the Federation. The answer to all civilizations who cry out for peace. The Light in the Darkness. A beacon of hope.

"It's always Darkest just before the Dawn."
In it's darkest hour, Starfleet is calling to every man and woman that will join its ranks, to help protect the Federation against the latest threat we face. Command has just dispatched the USS Blackwater to serve as part of Atlantis fleet, to add to the growing beacon of hope and to help push back the endless march of the Klingon Empire.

Currently, all positions except X.O, CMO, CFO and MCO are available to be staffed by any willing soul that will join the cause. Starfleet needs good people to help win this war, are you one of those people? If so then head over to USS Blackwater Website and sign the enlistment form, become a member of the USS Blackwater and help the Federation in its time of need.

We need you to crew this ship, The Federation needs you to win this war, The people need you to save them. Will you do this?

Also, check out for more available ships to join
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