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Re: Nemesis/Tomb Raider/Baird

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His direction on a visual level was fine but I found his direction of the actors to be mediocre. YMMV
I find NEMESIS' visual style to be ... no style at all. Not a stylistic choice favoring lack of excess, but basically no flare for shooting movies period. Baird is the editor-turned-director nightmare, like most later Spottiswoode, just piling up footage so you build something out of editing, not actually designing for the scene.

Look at the longer (as in endless) cut scene of Picard and Data in quarters w/ booze and you'll see somebody who has no idea how to stage anything at all to camera. High school plays have better staging, Christ, he makes Shatner look like Walter Hill by comparison (then again, that's because Shatner actually understands composition, probably better than Frakes and Nimoy.)
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