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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

I'm so glad I wasn't spoiled for this film (and I say that as someone who made it a point to get insider info on Revenge of the Sith - basically, I love being spoiled). The whole Warp Core Values scene was just brilliantly done. I kept thinking to myself, "They really are going to do this, aren't they?" And it was so well done that, for the entire sequence, I completely forgot about the magic blood. I was so completely wrapped up in the characters' actions - Kirk's sacrifice and fear ("I'm afraid), Spock's rage ...

I had no idea that "Khaaaaaan!" was coming ... and it completely worked for me. On several levels. The call backs were great, but I loved how the moment was the mirror of TWOK. In the older film it cements the end of profound relationship (TSFS notwithstanding). In STID, in cements the beginning. Just amazing stuff.
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