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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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How can the Enterprise be bigger on the inside than the outside?
It's not. This Enterprise is bigger. They have been telling us this since 2009.

As for the rest... yawn.
The picture window seen from the outside sets the scale and this Enterprise's outside is not bigger than its inside. What they say doesn't count more than what we see.

As for the rest, sorry you were too sleepy to pay attention.

Timo, excellent try, too bad Into Darkness was too much of a popcorn flick to truly merit such ingenuity.

Timelord Victorious, alas, it really seemed more like it was the ship shifting. It really seemed as though Sulu et al. were trying desperately to keep some control of the descent for precisely that reason. Even worse, such radical shift in gravity would threaten the structural integrity of a ship which couldn't even stand salt water.
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