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Re: Who would have had to quit their job to look after baby Miral?

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Of course in the future, just maybe you take your children to work with you. This isn't something new, I remember my grandmother talking about going to the fields with her mom and dad, all her older brothers and sisters (there were eight or so). Her job was to watch the baby, Uncle Ben.
I bet a lot of babies fell into rivers that way.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and a village helps for sure. The village is Voyager and it's crew. I don't think anyone would quit his job, I do think that there would be people around to help. The hologram idea isn't new, but there is no reason that 12 years of higher education would be wasted on raising children either. Tal might just be the perfect teacher/care giver.
btw in the books Miral has a Klingon hologram nanny.

And yes, in no way would Tal Celes be wasted or her education be wasted taking care of their child. Considering how many crew they lost and how they were only staffed for a short mission I would think many would be doing jobs they didn't train for including ones below their training. What I'd like to do is pull raising children out of the hierarchical career picture. It shouldn't be below anything.

I am a single parent, my Mother volunteered to keep my daughter in the day time while I worked, and she did so before my daughter was born. I remember being worried because I thought Lori might have been confused about who her mother was. My Mom told me quite simply "Babies are not stupid, they know who their Mothers are." And guess what, she was right. So unless you totally distance yourself from your child, they know who their parents are and no hologram or care giver no matter how good they are will take place of the parents.
This is true and you're lucky your mother was so great, mine would not have babysat while I went to the mailbox and if she had been forced to the kid would probably need therapy afterwards. I do think there's going to be issues with the person you love who is not mommy being a hologram once you realize they are a hologram.

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