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Re: Recasting Voyager with actors from today

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EMH: Robert Downey, Jr.
You know... I could see him pulling this off if his Ironman performances are anything to go by.

I know, right?

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Picardo could easily play the EMH again, just add that he made himself look older because he realized it garnered him more respect
The hologram finds a mate and decides to grow old with her, and to eventually even die. Adds another dimension to the whole thing. What if you are immortal, do you have the right to decide to die?
If you have no soul, then there is no death, only permanent deactivation.

If you have a soul, then that's the question, innit. After reading about what happens to suicides in Dante's inferno - no thanks!
Data has been decided to be a sentient individual in Measure of a Man, and the EMH has a lot more personality, and emotions (!). He has an ego, you can hurt his feelings. That guy has a soul, and deletion means death. Permanent deactivation would be a coma.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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