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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

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Just got back from seeing it for the second time. It was just as much fun today as it was on Friday, and this time I knew to pay more attention to certain scenes to pick up on more details.

I liked the moment when little Keenser just walks up to Kirk, looks up without saying a single word and submits his own PADD to the Captain as he resigns alongside Scotty in protest of the new torpedoes being brought aboard the ship. Some people in the theater chuckled and seemed to think the moment was cute. Can't blame them. It was kind of cute.
Just got back as well for seeing it the second time - tho' not w/o difficulties... the fire alarm was tripped with 10 minutes left in the movie. We waited out in the parking lot a good 15 minutes then another 10 minutes waiting for the rest of the movie to come back on. Instead of starting up the movie where it was left off - they took it back another 10 minutes. Of well, got a free pass out of it.
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