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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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Doesn't sound at all like Trek, though.
I think many of original BSG fan said the same of new BSG; but which one is better?
That really isn't the same thing. Both BSGs are about the last remnants of civilization on the run from the Cylons who are bent on wiping them out. The two shows present this idea in a different way, original was a campy space opera while nu was a dreary soap opera. The presence or lack of aliens or consistent science or whatever is immaterial to the core storyline.

But with Star Trek, you take away aliens and fanciful science and all that stuff and you don't have Star Trek anymore. That's the trick with reboots, stray too far from the source material and you might as well just create something new. And what you're suggesting is straying more from what Star Trek is than nu BSG strayed from the original.
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