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Re: Who would have had to quit their job to look after baby Miral?

Tal Celest is the most beautiful woman of the world, just because she's bad at her job it doesn't mean that she didn't spend 12 years in higher education to be as bad at it as she is that she needs to run away into unskilled labour gigs.

(Her parents wanted her to work in space why else name her nearly a word jumble of celestial?)

No one who joined Starfleet planned on being a full time parent. Part time sure. The problem being is that you have two Starfleet types who fall in love who had expected to marry a civilian to carry and nurture their children... Which is when Bigamy starts to make sense.

Andorians marry in sets of four.

The Books claim that that's because there's four sexes which are all needed to participate if they want to make a baby.

If Bigamy is allowed for the aliens, why are the humans shit out of luck?

Once there is no money and no property... How does the truly gritty Divroceporn come about?

Spell check suggestions for what I meant to type instead of Divorceporn...

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