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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by Dorian Thompson:
I think she figures it out, yes. From the scar on Boomer's cheek. The body is ice cold. That could be why she ends up shooting Lee when he's trying to negotiate a way out for everyone in the bar, because she's angry about the deception. You're going to deceive me, Adama? Fine, I know exactly how to hit you where it hurts.
Actually, from the spoiler link above, I read that Apollo is already shot before they wheel in G-Boomers body on the medical gurney. She pumps a few rounds into G-Boomers body and then takes a closer look. She then sees the cheek scar and the autopsy "Y" incision. I believe this is when Billy makes a move on one of the gunmen and all hell breaks loose. This is where Billy gets hit from indiscriminate gunfire. His fate is unknow right now....

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