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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

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- I know it shouldn't bother me after the cell phones and other things we've been introduced to but the time traveling trance was rather ridiculous. This bothered me less on second viewing but really irritated me initially.
That's funny because I actually much prefer the trance over the cell phones (although they've grown on me a little).

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Here's one weird observation: when the Tardis crash-landed on Trenzalore, one of the window panes cracked, as the Doctor duly noted upon exiting. This exact same window pane crack appears on the large future dead Tardis when Vastra looks up after first waking up on Trenzalore. Kind of strange; wouldn't that get repaired somehow between now and the Tardis' future (which I assume would be hundreds or thousands of years long)? Was this just artistic license by the FX folks? Or was this a subtle yet intentional hint of some sort?

Hey, I said it was a weird observation....
I noticed that right away, too. Maybe The Doctor decides to keep the cracked pane in place as a reminder.
Perhaps the tardis wont let him forget...
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