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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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I bet we could take a sample from every generation of someone bitching about how culture is degrading, starting with Plato (which is the is the earliest example of which I know), through to today, and prove something -- though I doubt it would be the perpetual down-spiral into buffoonish mediocrity the authors attempt to project.

This is going to sound harsh, so I want to preface it by saying that I mean no disrespect, because many people whom I admire greatly throughout history have expressed the same viewpoint as the OP and some other people in this thread, however, it is indeed the very prolific nature of this observation that demonstrates how ridiculous it is. Honestly, I find the question funny -- the notion that simply because pop culture doesn't suit one's tastes means we are living in some kind of cultural and artistic dark age is so blatantly egotistic and so void of perspective as to be laughable. Pop culture always regresses to the mean. That's why it's popular! If you're too out of touch to find the awesome, innovative, and intelligent art, music, and drama that's being made these days then, like these seemingly endless rants about the seemingly endless devolution of humanity, it says more about you than it does about anything else.
This is going to sound harsh - but this post reminds me of Naomi Wildman saying "It's a small ship." She has limited basis for comparison. Still, you're an awesome person and I respect you. I just don't share your generalized assessment. Talk to me in a couple decades.

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I, on the other hand, mean every disrespect to people who have the gall to claim the rest of the world is "going through a dark age" because popular media is full of mediocrity, while at the same time shamelessly advertising his crappy webcomic.

I think my irony detector just went off scale.

Who are you referring to? The OP? Advertising refers to monetization. Sharing refers to free distribution of hobby activities. Not quite the same thing as mainstream culture, but points for trying.

If you were referring to my links, I wrote those while living a life around the planet. A small oasis of familiar experience in a bewildering mass of alien humanity - far outside my little culture that used to seem like the whole world. If you haven't tried it, you should.

I didn't mean to put the young people here on the defensive. Of course young people have a right to self-expression, same as anybody else. I'm not trying to start a generational dichotomy, although that does seem to arise.

I was devouring Plato before some here were born. Those facts do not inform my perspective, they had already been assimilated along with decades of others. Still, a black belt can learn from a green belt. Absolutely. Certainly the green belt does not have to learn from the black belt.

Generation gap aside, concerns about culture don't equate condemnations. I am sorry if people feel I was condemning them, I wasn't. I am instead asking questions - something Google can't do - about what contemporary culture may be depriving the younger generation of without their knowledge or informed consent.

Thanks for responding all! I am learning from each post.

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