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Half the posts on this BBS are proof that the gap exists - the forum on any series, topics on any movie, posts about "the future of Trek" all manage to demonstrate repeatedly that hard core Trek fandom has different priorities than the vastly greater number of folks who just want to be entertained by entertainment.
"Hardcore" fandom represents only a tiny percentage of "fans," though. Not to mention that every fandom, of any kind, has the same mentality.

The discussions on the BBS, for example, are no different from any place else where fans of something congregate.

The majority of any given audience won't necessarily be an ardent fan of that particular franchise, but they will have been strongly connected to something similar at some point.

The majority of the audience is not minimally invested in their entertainment.

What each piece of entertainment is trying to do is spark that type of intense, non-casual interest. It's why a few years ago nobody knew what Game of Thrones was, and now everybody does.

Of course people who throw Game of Thrones costume parties will always be in the minority, nonetheless. Established franchises have "built-in" investment, which is why they are attractive. It's much harder to start from scratch.
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